Circle specs and Blushy Cheecs


Circle specs and Blushy Cheecs
Found and sent to me from Melbourne by my friend Liz Rutherford

Fifties Gender Bending

Fifties Gender Bending Photographer unknown 6x9 cm Found in Gent

Fifties Gender Bending
Photographer unknown
6×9 cm
Found in Gent

Transporting firewood in a tree canoe

Au Congo BelgeTribu Gombe Village MobekaPoste Bomana Territoire Nouvelles AnversDistrict Congo Ubani Province EquateurPhoto Dandoy (Congopresse)05 1947Found in Gent

Au Congo Belge /In Belgian Congo
Tribe Gombe Village Mobeka
Post Bomana Territoire Nouvelles Anvers
District Congo Ubani Province Equateur
Photo Dandoy (Congopresse)
05 1947
Found in Gent